College Graduation Certificate Invitations

by ryan on November 11, 2016


Printable College Graduation Certificate Invitations


There is a picture of a triangle, that has each point labeled one of these three things: social life, sleep, good grades. It helps to point out the visual choices of college and lets you know that you can only pick two of these. Regardless of the choices made, everyone wearing the graduation cap on graduation day have all accomplished the same feat:



graduating college. Their thoughts are focused on the future ahead and most likely the next steps they will take towards their dream career. College graduation invitations help to spread the word of their accomplishments to those they are close to. The designs, specifications of the graduation, and different formats chosen can all make college graduation invitations as unique as the graduate themselves.

Designs of the college graduation invitations can be as specific or non-specific to the graduate as warranted. For instance, if they are graduating with a nursing degree and already have a job lined up, you can tie both of these into the invitation, by including on the back of the invite future plans of the graduate for those that may not be able to attend the invitation but would still like to know the specifics of what the graduate will be doing, beyond their college years. Or if it is a set of twins graduating from different colleges at the same time, what better way to save than to have a double-sided invitation with one twin with their accolades on one side and the other on the flip side.

College Graduation Invitations

Prodding and poking for details on a graduation party should not be the attendee’s responsibility. After all, they will be the guest of the soiree that will be hosted by the graduate. College graduation invitations should contain the details that ensure for the least amount of questions to be asked later. The simple mix up of numbers can lead to a disastrous weekend, so be sure to include the day and date of the party. Time is of the essence, as is the proper time – although most will assume that eleven is eleven in the morning, it is best to indicate whether it is am or pm. Also be clear to state the venue of choice, naming the venue and indicating the address. If it is a bit more difficult to find, there is no harm in including directions as well. If there is a pool available, it is worth mentioning to bring a towel, bathing suit, and change of clothes. Obviously not everyone has a pool, but if there are instances of amenities at a party, it’s best to include these as well.

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College graduation invitations also have different formats available. The size of the paper chosen can be adjusted to whatever the graduate would like. (Or whatever the budget will allow.) The dimensions can be as large as eight and a half inches by eleven, to a business card sized invitation that can be carried and handed out. They can also choose to include pictures of the graduate, or just have the formatting be strictly text.



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