Graduation Certificates Samples

by ryan on October 29, 2016


Graduation Certificates Samples


Graduation can be seen as the page turn from one chapter of life to the next. It is most certainly a step that is taken in many a life, and with a positive change as this, it should be accompanied by a celebration. Since we as humans are not able to convey our thoughts telepathically, the aide of the graduation invitation comes in to play. There are several different themes for the graduate, to make their graduation invitation truly unique. Size can also play a role in personalization. Whatever the deviations of design, one should always make sure that the proper information is included to ensure the guests arrive.

There are several different themes that can be chosen from to alter the graduation invitation to best suit the graduate and their party. You can decide to go with an eight photo collage, four photos at the top, four at the bottom and the text of the invitation separating the two. Choosing all text is also an option, and most likely a penny saver as well. It also can have a theme all its own, perhaps even setting the tone for the upcoming party.



Topics include: animals, architecture, art, astronomy and space, business, fantasy, fashion, fun and entertainment, gaming, government and military, health and anatomy, hobbies, home and garden, humor, maps, miscellaneous, motivational, movies and television, music, nature and landscapes, people and culture, performing arts, philosophy and belief, photography, politics, religion, school and education, science and technology, sports and leisure, transportation, travel, and vintage and historical. The invitation can be as truly as unique as the graduate.

Different shapes and sizes are found all throughout stationery, cards, and envelopes and the graduation invitation is no different. The most typical size is five by seven inches. Square options can also be provided, starting at five and a quarter inches. They can be three and three quarter inches by eight and three quarter inches. Another option is four and a tenth inch by five and a quarter inch.

But if you really want your invitation to stand out from the rest, the best is to go with dimensions that are not normally seen, making yours original by having a photo booth-ques dimension of two and a half inches in length by six inches in height.

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Sanford I. Weill once said, “Details create the big picture.” I think he would also agree that details also get the person to the party. Trying to figure anything out without any information giving details is like winning the lottery – the chances of your answer matching up to the real one are slim and none. Obviously a verbal graduation invitation gives an idea, but a physical piece helps to solidify the plans in the brain. “It will be on a Saturday in June at either my mom’s or dad’s house or my house. I’m not sure of what time it will start, whether you should bring your towel or not for swimming, and if you have the option of bringing your own alcohol. But I’ll let you know,” one student says to another. Well, that gave you an idea but only helps out so much. When sending the invitation, it is important to include the day, date, time, location, specific instructions on what to bring, and whose graduation is being celebrated.



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