Graduation Certificates

by ryan on October 20, 2016


Graduation Certificates


Where we are in life is an accumulation of the previous choices that we have made and have been made for us. Lifestyle, personality, and who we surround ourselves with help to shape us, but one that we can decide for ourselves (in most cases) is education. And with a completed education comes graduation, which comes with a graduation party, and that comes with a graduation party invitation.


But how can we let the ones we care about know that we will be holding such a soiree? Graduation invitation templates help to do just that. Creating graduation invitation templates are actually quite easy to conjure up, even for those that are technologically challenged. If the graduate decides to take on this extra responsibility, independent of the printer they may have gone with, there are a few steps to be taken to ensure they are effective in designing a template that is customized for themselves and their graduation party. Once mastered, the template can be adjusted and molded to whatever the need may be for the party.

Assuming that the graduate is with us in the twenty first century, we can also be under the assumption that they have access to a computer, with a software that allots for design templates, blank invitation paper (even envelope paper if they wish to be even more personalized), and a printer. Including a bit of creativity, this is all they need to make their own graduation invitation templates.

The best way to go about designing a template is by first creating a rough draft by hand on a piece of paper. That way, you have an idea of what you wish the size to be, how much space you wish the text to take up, as well as which design may be the winner for your choices of graduation invitation templates. Once you’ve got a solid foundation of what you wish your invitation to look like, then you can hit the ground running and kick on the software of your choosing on your computer.

Grad Formatted Templates: 


There are a few different software options for creating graduation invitation templates. Whether your platform is Windows or Macintosh, there are the options of Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Publisher, and on Macintosh, the application Pages works as well. You can decide on a template made by the application of your choice or select the format then adjust the size of the text boxes, picture windows, et cetera. It might seem rather silly, but making sure that you are saving your work every so often is a great idea so that your work is not lost due to your computer crashing to running too many applications, or forgetting to save before you close out and have to print it later.

In the text box, be sure to include the name of the graduate, their date of graduation, the date of the graduation party, what time the party begins, whether you are supposed to bring your own beer (common concern of collegiate graduation parties), parking information, when to respond whether or not the invited will be in attendance, and a number to reach the graduate at.










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