School Graduation Invitations

by ryan on November 5, 2016


Printable School Graduation Invitations


Kindergarten, sixth grade, junior high school have all led up to this point – high school. And high school has led up to graduation day. Graduation day is a day of sobs of “I miss you” and parting of the ways to go off on separate journeys than the two people you had been adjacent to, locker-wise and in your graduation seat. It is the big step towards a future of possibilities. Possibilities, however, usually do not come for free or cheap.





Graduation parties help to afford some of the luxuries of higher education (even if it is just books for the semester). High school graduation invitations help get the extended family to gather, celebrate the accomplishments of the high school graduates, and (as with most parties) come bearing gifts like the three kings to Jesus. High school graduation invitations are sent far and wide to relatives that have may have been only mentioned once before, but make appearances at the very far reaches of family parties.

There are several things needed prior to the invites being sent off, however. Design characteristics, information included on the invitations, and the decision of whether you have them done or you do them yourself are all choices that need to be made before the stamp or send button is pressed.

The graduating artist might have a piece of their artwork attached to their high school graduation invitations. An athlete might include a picture of themselves in the paper with their most recent victory on theirs. The options for pictures alone are numerous, or can be as simple as their senior picture or the crest of their high school. The graduate also has the choice of whether they incorporate their high school colors, the colors of the university or college they may be attending the upcoming year, or both. Particular fonts tend to show a bit more of a diploma like feel, such as Amazone, Brush Script, or Commercial Script.

High School Graduation Invitations



High school graduation invitations also need information. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but an invitation is useless if it is without the time and date of the event. Being sure to include the time and date of the party, as well as the address.

If it is taking place at a hall of sorts, be sure to include parking areas that will not ticket the cars of the traveling relatives and family friends. Also indicate a number to be reached at for responses, the respond by date, and any other information that may be pertinent to the party. (It is always nice to include whether it is a surprise party or not, to ensure promptness and secrecy to the graduate.)

The final decision is whether you wish to have it be an electronic invitation or an invitation that is sent via snail mail. Whichever the case, these high school graduation invitations have to be sent regardless, so it is all a matter of choosing.

When opting for electronic invitations, it is more for the tech savvy, to make sure that more time is not spent creating the invitation than is put into the party itself. For those that choose snail mail, they can either conjure the invitation designs and print them themselves or decide to go with a printing company.



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