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Formatted Stock Certificate Templates


Stock Certificate Templates are formatted and ready to go. Stock certificate is legally authorized papers released through a company or an organization, to formally state the legal rights of the company shares towards the stockholders and investors. Quite simply, a stock certificate or a share certification is the material proof of a individuals ownership of shares in a organization/company. Generally, an organization increases its assets by issuing company shares using specific valuation. The capital that is being increased, could be used to handle large investments required to start any kind of profitable business or simply just to improve its assets.



When a organization/company wants to promote they stocks to persons, they need Stock Certificate Templates. The company shares are fundamentally released throughout a form of stock certificates towards the people who purchase these shares or to the investors.

The company charges a nominal fee for releasing a stock certificate templates. The investors/shareholder need to maintain the stock certificate secured, because if it is misplaced, the former may charge him or her an additional nominal fee.

Stock certificates are now being customized based on the requirements of a company. Today, there are plenty of online retailers that focus in designing stock certificates templates. They are given the preference to choose their stock certificates templates from many various designs and colors.

These certificates, regardless of dimension, shape and color can be professionally personalized typeset using company title, share information and also many other information needed to be printed. Usually personalized stock certificate templates are generally typeset with company name, number of authorized shares, par value and state of organization.

This site provide stock certificates templates which can you download and print for free. Below there are several stock certificates templates you can use for your company. Just click the picture for more information about the templates.

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